Four wings, one piece of chicken and chips. Everyone’s favourite greasy remedy to a heavy night out – not that we have had many of those recently.

Chicken shops are forever interwoven into the fabric of a true Londoner’s identity. Everyone knows the best local stop for a chicken strip burger.

Every borough has a selection of ships to chose from. Well, apart from Chelsea and Kensington, where there are no independent chicken shops.

But how likely are you to catch food poisoning from your favourite spot? And which parts of the capital have the independent chicken shops with the lowest hygiene ratings?

The lovely people over at have scraped the data from the Food Standards Agency to collect the food hygiene ratings of every independent chicken shop in London.

They then calculated an average hygiene rating for every borough and from the average score calculated a risk-o-meter score – the results can be found on this interactive map.

Enfield boasts 20 independent chicken shops with an average hygiene rating of 3.3 (out of five).

Boom Boom Curry and Chicken in Green Lanes and Mighty Chicken Ribs and Pizza in Hertford Road have the lowest hygiene rating in the borough – 1. has given the borough a 34 per cent risk-o-meter rating.

Fiona Sinclair, a director at STS Food Safety, said: "In England, it is optional for a restaurant or takeaway to display an FSA rating at its physical location. Instead, all ratings are available on the FSA’s website. When ordering food from Deliveroo and Uber Eats, the apps provide no mention of the ratings. This means that it’s down to the customer to do their research before tucking into a chicken burger or kebab.

The beauty of this system is that food businesses which are not up to scratch have nowhere to hide. The information is public for all to see and bad practices can no longer be kept behind closed doors, especially in these days of social media. There is nowhere for a food business to hide if they are given a failing score."