Work to tackle congestion at a busy interchange will start next week.

Under the plans, junction 25 of the M25, where the motorway meets the A10 near Broxbourne, will be reconfigured to improve traffic flow.

Highways England says that carrying out work at the junction is “essential”, with longer queues and increased congestion among problems arising by 2037 if improvements are not made.

Junction 25  already sees up to 6,300 vehicles per hour using the junction’s roundabout at peak times, causing congestion and regular delays.

The A10 southbound approach into the junction is also a congestion hotspot in Broxbourne, Highways England said.

Highways England Project Manager Indy Grewal said: “We’ve been busy working on developing the design and construction plan since our last public information events in June 2019 where peoples feedback helped shape our approach to delivering the scheme. 

“Improving this junction will mean better journeys for the 6,300 drivers who use it every hour at peak times; it will also increase capacity and help to boost the economy. We are also launching virtual events where people can find out more about the scheme. I urge people to register and get involved.” 

The enabling will include:  

  • The diversion of a water main and phone lines  
  • The installation of a site compound  
  • Vegetation clearance  

The main construction work will start in February and will continue until summer 2022. This will include the following:  

  • Widening of the roundabout to include an additional lane  
  • Addition of a free-flow left lane from the M25 west off slip road on to A10 north  
  • Widening and extension of the M25 westbound off slip road  
  • Widening of the M25 eastbound off slip road  
  • Widening of the A10 southbound at the entry to the roundabout  
  • Improvement on the existing subways and new shared use routes for pedestrian and cyclists.  

Highways England is also holding a virtual public information event online, where people will be able to read more about the project, watch a fly through video showing a visualisation of the scheme and ask questions on a live chat.  

The virtual room will be open from 8am Monday, January 25 and will remain available for the rest of scheme.  

A live chat feature with the project team will be available as follows:  

Monday 25 January 8am – 12pm and 2pm – 6pm  

Friday 29 January 11am – 3pm  

Saturday 30 January 9am – 12pm