Generous YouTubers took time out from their usual crazy antics to bring a little joy to the elderly trapped inside during lockdown with a selection of treats in gift hampers.

Jamie Kamaz, Rhys Simmons and Thomas Micheaelides - known as 'The Passion Squad' - put together £40 gift hampers and delivered them door to door to those in need.

The YouTubers recorded the reactions of those they delivered gifts to, with recipients both joyful and tearful by the surprise presents.

Mr Kamaz, 24, from Enfield, said: "We saw on the news that elderly people in lockdown can go two weeks, and more, without talking to anyone.

"We thought we would safely go visit our local elderly community and try to cheer them up as much as we could.

"We put out social media stories asking if anyone knew of a elderly person that would need cheering up. We also asked around our local community.

"It was a humbling experience and we would love to create more videos like this. Seeing someone happy like that is truly a beautiful moment."