A council tenant says her flat was left cold and damp after a water leak was not fixed for more than six weeks.

Nazida Parkes, who lives in Eagle Court, Edmonton, said water from a leaking tank at the top of the building had formed a puddle outside her window and left her bathroom “freezing cold”.

Ms Parkes, 55, said she reported the leak to Enfield Council on October 14 – the day after it started – but water was still pouring down the outside of the building six weeks later.

“It is damaging my flat and health,” she said. “My bathroom wall has got damp. When I go to the bathroom, it is freezing cold.

“I am not sleeping in my bedroom. I have got one electric heater – it is not enough to warm the house. I am sleeping in the sitting room.

“The water tank in the loft is leaking. There is a puddle of water at the back of my window. I phoned the council every day and told them what is happening. They said to me every day they are sending someone. It is damaging the wall of the bathroom.”

Ms Parkes said someone had arrived to take an asbestos sample on October 27, but she was still waiting for the leak to be fixed at the end of November.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “We would like to apologise for the delay in resolving the leak and the inconvenience caused to our resident. There was a delay on this while we awaited the results of the asbestos test, which came back positive.”

The council spokesperson said the repair was completed on November 27, the leak had stopped and remedial work would begin once the area had dried out. Ms Parkes said the leak started again shortly afterwards but was fixed again on December 1.