Enfield Council has been asked to clarify the figures it cited when disputing the accuracy of a scrutiny report into a major development. 

Following publication of an article on a scrutiny report analysing the Meridian Water regeneration scheme, Enfield Council asked for it to be amended to clarify that 30.5 per cent of homes would be at London Affordable Rent levels. 

However, the figures provided by the council were for Meridian One and Two, which are parts of the first two phases of the development and will together provide 1,220 units.  

The document from the scrutiny workstream referred to the amount of London Affordable Rent homes on the overall phases one and two, which will together provide more than 3,000 homes, claiming 26 per cent of these would be at London Affordable Rent levels. 

Enfield Council has now been asked to clarify the proportion of homes that will be for London Affordable Rent on phases one and two of the Meridian Water development.