Police have seized a handgun and ammunition after discovering a cannabis factory in Haringey.

Officers said they were on patrol on Monday (July 27) at around 6.30pm along Gloucester Road when they came across a suspicious parked car which was left unattended.

A total of 30 bags of cannabis and other evidence of drug use were found inside the vehicle. Officers visited a flat nearby of the registered keeper but it was boarded up.

Officers said they then entered the flat and found more than 30 cannabis plants.

They then searched the flat and found a loaded handgun and more than 50 rounds of ammunition.

No arrest have be made and detectives continue to investigate. A crime scene remains in place.

Inspector Niall O’Neill, said: "Thanks to this dedicated resource to combat violence in the area, a gun has been taken off our streets along with a considerable amount of ammunition.

"Our work will no doubt have prevented that firearm from being used at some point.

"We are carrying out enquiries to trace the gun’s history and anyone involved with it.

"We’ve also stopped a large amount of Class B drugs from being dealt in the community. We’ll continue to bear down on violence and our violence suppression unit (VSU) forms an essential part of this."