A council has denied banning meat from events after saying it would only offer vegan or vegetarian options in its action plan.

Enfield Council had written in its Climate Action Plan 2020 that it plans to only serve vegan and vegetarian meals when it hosts gatherings from December in a bid to tackle climate change.

The council wrote in the paper: "All events held by Enfield Council where catering is provided to offer only vegan or vegetarian options."

But in a statement, a council spokesman said: “Enfield Council is not banning meat. Our council-run cafes will continue to sell award winning produce, including locally sourced meat alongside a range of vegan and vegetarian options. People organising their own catering are at liberty to choose their own menus.

“Our Climate Action Plan acknowledges the significant impact livestock farming has on greenhouse gases and global deforestation, which is why the plan encourages more vegetarian and vegan based options, to help mitigate climate risks.

“Providing a wide range of vegetarian options also helps to cater for a multitude of dietary requirements including Kosher, Halal, celiacs and gluten-free.”

Deputy leader Ian Barnes, who wrote the forward for the climate action plan, said the council has already declared a climate emergency.

Cllr Banres said: "The emergency is real and the action to remedy it must be local, national and global. In response to rising awareness and justified protest, Enfield Council has declared a climate emergency. This plan is our response to that declaration. 

"The council will be carbon neutral by 2030 but we must innovate to do this, taking bold and sometimes unpopular action to tackle the impact of climate change. 

"Whilst the focus in this initial plan is on reducing the council’s own emissions, additional emphasis is given to borough wide activities, such as transport, housing and green spaces, and we have a new ambition for a carbon neutral Enfield by 2040."

Cllr Nesil Caliskan, leader of Enfield Council, said earlier this month when the emergency was declared because we face an "existential threat to life on earth".

He said: “We are utterly committed to tackling the issues around climate change and the environment. 

"The excellent campaigns led by organisations like Extinction Rebellion has brought attended to the desperate need for us all to redouble our efforts and make Enfield genuinely carbon neutral as soon as we possibly can.

“There is absolutely no doubt that climate change is one of the existential threats to life on earth and everyone needs to work collaboratively to find solutions that work."