Pubs and bars can open from 6am tomorrow, Boris Johnson has announced ahead of Super Saturday.

Tomorrow, pubs, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and other businesses in the hospital industry can open their doors to the public after more than three months of lockdown.

But councils and police are urging people to act responsibly and use their common sense to ensure the latest step to easing lockdown goes ahead safely.

The new measure for pubs to open from 6am - announced by the Prime Minister on LBC radio - has been put in place to stop bars from rushing to open from midnight.

Full list of businesses that can and cannot reopen on July 4 here

Some landlords had planned to open as soon as the clock ticked past midnight. But No 10 has put an end to those plans by ensuring the current ban remains in place until after sunrise.

The BrewDog chain of pubs was today cancelling events after the new rules were reported.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said: "Those regulations mostly come into force at 12.01am on Saturday July 4.

“The reopening of pubs and bars specifically comes into force at 6am. That would just be in the event anybody would attempt to try to open at midnight.”

New regulations signed off by Health Secretary Matt Hancock are also expected to place a 30-person limit on gatherings at home and outdoors in settings not deemed Covid-secure.

However, the two-household rule for indoor and outdoor meetings will remain in place, the PM's spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said: “The reason for setting the figure for 30 is we do have to put a number into law and that is to provide police with the powers that they need to break up a rave or some other large gathering which is clearly irresponsible and in breach of the social distancing rules.”

Nightclubs, nail bars and salons, indoor play areas, gyms, conference centres and exhibition halls must remain closed under the new rules.