A medical director was slapped with a parking ticket while helping in the battle against Covid-19 coronavirus.

Dr Mehdi Veisi was shocked to finish work to find a fine notice placed on the windscreen of his car - right next to his NHS emergency badge.

The medical director for Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust took his complaint to Twitter where he told others he doesn’t have the time to fight the ticket and so will have to pay.

In a sarcastic message to the Haringey Council, he said: “Thank you Haringey Council for giving me a ticket whilst I’m fighting Covid-19.

"You could see my NHS emergency badge too. Nicely done.

“Instead of saving patients, now I need to appeal a ticket.

“Get your priorities right for NHS staff.”

The tweet was met with outrage from the doctor’s followers.

One said: "Absolutely disgusting, please appeal against this unfair ticket.

“Thank you to you and your hospital for everything you are doing and please keep safe but council officials acted quickly a quashed the fine.”

Other generous users even offered to pay the fine on his behalf.

But within hours, the council officials quashed the fine.

A spokesperson for Haringey Council said: “We contacted the doctor soon after he received the fine and have now cancelled it.

“We want to thank him, and all of the UK’s fantastic NHS workers, for the brave work they are doing in tackling COVID-19.”