An MP says the Government should offer rent relief and extra sick pay to help workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Labour MP for Edmonton, Kate Osamor, thinks more should be done to help workers and those who have been made redundant during the financial uncertainty.

The closure of schools last Friday (March 20) means parents will have to look after their children at home and some might not be able to work as a result.

Pubs, restaurants and clubs were also told to close last week.

Ms Osamor said: "People are worried they won't survive financially if they follow the Government's advice and self-isolate.

"We've so far seen £500 billion pledged to companies, but just £0.5 billion to individuals and household.

"It is urgent we have a package of measures to put people's minds at rest."

Ms Osamor says this package should include rent relief, extra sick-pay and no more universal credits delays.

She added: "This unprecedented crisis is bringing out Edmonton's community spirit.

"Most people are doing the right thing such as washing their hands, staying home, only buying as much as they need and helping each other."

Ms Osamor also expressed concern about the NHS 111 services to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock on March 12.

In the letter, she said she was worried about the service's "ability to cope" with the Covid-19 pandemic and asked him to act urgently.

The letter read: "NHS 111 is our first and main line of defence for the public against the spread of coronavirus.

"Millions of British people depend on a safe, robust screening service with clear, consistent, clinical advice.

"If the service does not operate effectively, we will lose the fight to contain and delay the spread of the virus."

Ms Osamor asked the health secretary how much additional funding and how many new staff have been provided to the 111 services since the beginning of the year.

She added: "I need not remind you, however, that it is the sole responsibility of the Government to run NHS 111 properly and to ensure it is fit for purpose and able to handle outbreaks and pandemics."