A man was injured in a suspected gas cylinder explosion in Tottenham that was heard as far away as Walthamstow and south Woodford.

Police were called at 5.30pm to the explosion at a workshop in Brantwood Road, Tottenham.

London Fire Brigade also attended, and the London Ambulance Service treated a man for non-life threatening injuries.

The sound was heard in Edmonton, Enfield and Walthamstow.

People took to social media to speculate about the noise, which many believed might be a sonic boom after two RAF Typhoon fighters from RAF Coningsby were scrambled early on December 1 after an aircraft lost communications.

Haringey police tweeted, explaining this was not the cause.

One Twitter user, @nonam212, said: "Wow, we heard the explosion in Walthamstow. He's a very lucky man not to have life threatening injuries."

Another said the explosion was heard as far away as south Woodford.