Enfield North parliamentary candidates have set out why they should be elected at the next General Election.

Feryal Clark, Ike Ijeh, Joanne Laban, Guy Russo, and Isobel Whittaker will all stand for their respective parties for the Election on December 12.

Below is what each candidate had to say ahead of the election.

Feryal Clark - Labour

"Enfield is fighting on many of fronts. Chase Farm’s Urgent Care Centre is still under threat, our police numbers have been cut to the bone and parents are being asked to make donations to schools. Some of our communities don’t even have access to a local GP.

"I’m a no-nonsense politician who sees the damage done to our community and wants to reverse it.

"I get things done. I’ve spent my entire adult life dedicated to improving public services. My working life started working in NHS pathology and I’ve led the fight to ensure services are delivered where they’re most needed ever since.

"So here are my priorities for Enfield. First, making sure patients are treated fairly, seeing of the threat of reduced access to our Urgent Care Centre, and making sure everyone can see a local GP.

"Second, getting police back on our streets, reversing the Tory cuts to our local police force.

"Third, making housing a priority. Too many people can’t get a safe, decent place to live, let alone have the chance of owning their own home.

"This is our community and I care deeply about it. I’ll never stop fighting to make Enfield a safer, healthier and better place for all of us to live."

Ike Ijeh - Brexit Party

"I am standing as a parliamentary candidate for Enfield North because I believe in democracy and I am convinced that until democracy is delivered in the form of Brexit, we will not be able to address any of the urgent issues we need to in order to repair our society.

"In Enfield North I see these urgent issues as dealing with rising crime, providing affordable housing, protecting healthcare services, improving public transport, curbing excessive business rates, helping the constituency’s struggling high streets and clearing litter. As an architect rather than a career politician I would also take a particular interest in improving public realm and ensuring that the urban regeneration and new homes we need are used to densify urban areas rather than erode the green belt.

"I am also standing because I am a proud Londoner who loves this city. Although I grew up next door in Waltham Forest, Enfield is an area I have known and cherished since my childhood.

"If we live in a democracy the result of this election must be implemented. And because I believe in democracy more than I believe in the Brexit Party, even if I lose, I will respect the result. Which is exactly what we need to do with Brexit in order to heal the wounds of the past three years and restore trust between politicians and the people. Vote Brexit Party, vote democracy."

Joanne Laban - Conservative

"Quite simply, I would love to represent the area I have lived in all my life. I was born at Chase Farm Hospital and I grew up in Enfield Highway. I attended Brimsdown Primary School and went on to Bishop Stopford’s School. While I was studying, I taught swimming at all the borough’s leisure centres. I have been a local councillor since 2010. I am very proud to be the first female leader of the Conservative Group on Enfield Council. Over the years, I have been a school governor at Forty Hill Primary School and I now serve as a trustee of the local Nightingale Cancer Centre Charity based in Baker Street.

"I attend regularly at St Andrew's Church in Enfield Town. I am determined to make Enfield North an even better place to live and I want to be a strong, local voice for our area. I care about Enfield because I live here, I have grown up here and I went to school here. I want Enfield North to benefit from the extra 20,000 police officers and the additional funding for our schools and hospitals. I will campaign against building on our green belt and Enfield Council's drive to build more tower blocks.

"I also want to make sure that we finally get Brexit done. It is essential that we honour the result of the referendum in order to ensure that people retain confidence in our democratic process. I would be honoured to be given the chance to become the MP for the area I call home."

Guy Russo - Liberal Democrats'

"Enfield North needs a fresh start.

"After decades of jostling from the same two parties, we need change and a new leadership.

"I’m Enfield born and bred. I know just how badly we need local and national solutions to the housing crisis, climate emergency and rising crime.

"That’s why I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats, who have plans to build a brighter future for Britain.

"Labour and the Conservatives are stuck in the past. They have let Enfield North down time and time again, and now they are letting the whole country down with their fixation on delivering Brexit.

"Liberal Democrats like me want to fix our broken politics, first by seeking a mandate to Stop Brexit and then by getting on with tackling the climate emergency, making our communities safer and stronger, and reforming our broken constitution.

"So please vote Guy Russo on December 12th – for a fresh start."

Isobel Whittaker - Green Party

"A former legal aid lawyer, I have been an environmentalist since my teens. We are facing an emergency. Nature is not a ‘nice to have’. The evidence is overwhelming, if we don’t act fast and put ecosystems and the planet at the heart of decision making, we risk climate breakdown.

"Only the Greens have realistic policies to take action on climate change now. Renewable energy, clean air, Green cheap to heat homes, free healthcare, reliable public transport, safe food, green spaces and long-term solutions to crime and poverty.

"Your Green vote is a vote for Justice. Greens will pass the benefits back to ordinary people, with policies such as universal basic income and the 4 day work week. These were our policies first. Our Green New Deal puts your wellbeing first.

"And we Greens are standing with you for a People’s Vote on Brexit. You should have the final say."