Edmonton parliamentary candidates have set out why they should be elected at the next General Election.

James Hockney, Benjamin Maydon, Kate Osamor, David Schmitz, Sachin Sehgal and Sabriye Warsame will all stand for their respective parties for the Election on December 12.

Below is what each candidate had to say ahead of the election.

James Hockney - Conservative

"Edmonton is my home. I serve as an Edmonton Councillor and are bringing up a young family. My wife’s family came from Bangladesh to the Borough in the 1980’s.

"My key priorities are;

Tackling the A10 speed racing. Campaigned for TfL and the Mayor of London to install an average speed camera network.

Opposing the Labour Councils bin collection cuts. I would hold this failing Labour administration to account.

Investing in our education system. Appreciate importance of education, having a young family and being the first person in our family to go to university securing a Law Degree.

The Conservatives have committed to recruiting 20,000 more Police across the UK. Vital in turning the tide against knife crime and burglary in Edmonton.

Our family have been served by the North Middlesex Hospital for decades; so, I am passionate about the record levels of NHS investment."

Benjamin Maydon - Green Party

"Vote Benjamin Maydon for action on climate change, social justice and services for people, Green homes for social rent and to buy that reduce your energy bills, affordable, reliable transport and fair work that pays properly.

"Vote Green for our planet: We are facing a real challenge to prevent climate catastrophe. Greens have real ideas to put into action now before it is too late.

"Vote Green for clean air by reducing pollution from the A10 and the planned Edmonton Incinerator, which are major problems for the health of Edmonton residents, and need to be challenged by a strong Green voice.

"Vote Green to tackle the causes of the high level of knife crime in Edmonton. Since much of it is drug-related, I would make harm reduction, not incarceration, the aim of drugs policy.

"Vote Green for social justice, with policies such as universal basic income and the option of a four-day week without loss of pay."

Kate Osamor - Labour and Co-operative party

"If re-elected, I will keep campaigning as I have done for greater investment and better public services in Edmonton. You deserve a candidate who will take that fight forwards, and who stands on the side of ordinary people.

Edmonton is one of the country’s most diverse constituencies, and people come from all over the world. Over the past four years, as your MP, I have helped countless constituents with difficult immigration cases to navigate the Conservative government’s ‘hostile environment’. Just last week, I met on the campaign trail with a local family who I’ve helped to keep together. I’m delighted that they’re now flourishing. But it doesn’t always end well: in 2018, before the scandal broke nationally, I campaigned in the national press and in parliament for my Windrush Generation constituents and helped to secure attention and action for their cases. Only Labour are for the many, not the few. It’s time for real change in the country."

David Schmitz -Liberal Democrat

"I live in Tottenham and look forward to serving as your MP. Having served as a councillor in a very similar area, I am familiar with Edmonton’s problems and the strengths of the people who live here. As a barrister, I am well equipped to tackle those problems.

"This is above all the Brexit election. My fellow Liberal Democrats are providing the most effective voice to those who wish to stop it. While the Conservatives are pushing Brexit, and Labour are dithering, we say outright that we must have a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the EU, and that if we win a majority, we will just stop Brexit altogether.

"If we stay in the EU we will strengthen those who stand up to Donald Trump on climate change. If we avoid the economic damage of Brexit, we will have more money for the NHS. It all comes down to that."

Sachin Sehgal - Brexit Party

“I am standing in Edmonton to fight for democracy; to fight for YOUR voice to be heard. What the last three years has shown is that the politicians in Westminster of both major parties cannot be trusted, and that they have clearly betrayed democracy by choosing to ignore the will of the people which was to leave the EU.

"Ordinary voters both you and I have not been listened to, and I am determined to defend democracy in Parliament with the Brexit Party by delivering a clean, proper Brexit. Our very out-dated political system needs to be reformed too: we call for reform of the House of Lords, reform of the civil service and reform of the first-past-the post-system which only serves the interests of the two established main parties.

"The politicians have neglected local issues that matter to us. We promise to cut student loan interest, to increase police numbers and to tackle anti-social behaviour, provide free Wi-Fi on all public transport, to promote small business opportunities by cutting business rates to zero for retailers on the high street. You, the people of Edmonton must and will be heard by our commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy, and change politics for good."

The Enfield Independent attempted to contact Independent candidate Sabriye Warsame for a response.