A speeding ambulance heading to an emergency was forced to stop after coming under attack - from yobs blasting at it with fireworks.

The emergency vehicle, travelling with flashing blue lights, was forced to swerve and come to a halt after coming under attack on November 5.

The lit firework was thrown underneath a car and it exploded on the windscreen.

London Ambulance Service condemned the attack on social media.

A spokesperson said: "We can’t believe we have to say this, but aiming fireworks at our ambulances is not part of the job.

"The crew, who were driving on blue lights to an emergency, were forced to swerve and stop.

“Luckily there were no patients in the back, but putting our crews in danger is unacceptable.”

The ambulance service later tweeted: "Thank you for all the support on this post, which the crew have seen too.

"Sadly this isn’t the first time it has happened.

Many people also condemned the attack on social media.

One said: "They need to be banned or just sold to official event holders, the people that have access to them are animals and they’ve been going off none stop for three weeks.

"Something drastic needs to happen. Worst night of the year for emergency services."

Another added: "Sadly, there’s a small percentage of youths in today’s society that have little or absolutely no respect in many things including all emergency services."

A third wrote: "That makes me mad. People have no thought for others and don't care whether they put lives in danger.

"Glad ambulance crew are okay. They do amazing job every day and should be proud."