A man says his elderly relatives have been “pushed from pillar to post” after they were moved five times by the council while waiting for their house to be repaired.

Michael and Margaret Gardner were moved out of their council house in Chelmsford Road, Southgate in March, so that extensive repair work could be carried out on the property.

Enfield Council told them it would take a maximum of four weeks for the problems to be fixed.

But seven months later, the couple are being housed on the 13th floor of a tower block miles from their home – and 76-year-old Margaret has suffered serious ill health.

Mrs Gardner’s grandson, Gary Rothwell, said: “They have been pushed from pillar to post. When the council have vulnerable tenants, they should be doing more to look after them.”

The couple were initially moved to Parkside Residential Care Home in Enfield Town – but they had to be moved out again when the council said it could no longer fund their places.

They were then moved to a hotel, but there were no facilities available for them to cook hot meals.

They were moved to yet another hotel, and then a third hotel where the council promised they would have breakfast and an evening meal.

But they were given no evening meal for five weeks – despite Mr Gardner and the hotel manager contacting the council to try and arrange it.

During their stay at the hotel, Mrs Gardner suffered two bad falls and was placed in intensive care at Barnet Hospital.

Mr Gardner was then told he would have to move again – this time to a flat in Ponders End.

Unable to see his wife, his mental health deteriorated, and he was put in a specialist healthcare unit.

When Mrs Gardner’s condition improved, the couple were housed on the 13th floor of tower block Merlin House, in Napier Road, Ponders End – and they are still living there now.

Mrs Gardner, who breathes with the help of an oxygen machine, cannot enter or leave the building, and Mr Gardner does not use the lifts unless he has a relative with him.

Mr Gardner said: “Me and my darling wife have been through so much. It has been an awful time.”

The couple are prepared to downsize from the council home and would like to move closer to grandchildren in either Essex or Hertfordshire.

Mr Rothwell also said he had been told by council staff that some of his relatives’ furniture had been damaged while they were away from home.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to Mr and Mrs Gardner for the delay in repairing their home, we have discussed this case with their family and the repairs to their home will be completed early next week.

“The council is also be seeking alternative accommodation for the family closer to their support network. Properties are in short supply but we will look at all available options.

“We will be undertaking a thorough review of this case and will ensure that all the lessons learnt are fully implemented.”