Campaigners are calling for the return of a lollipop warden outside a primary school to keep pupils safe on a busy road.

A petition has been set up calling on Enfield Council to bring back a school crossing patrol at Hazelbury Primary School in Haselbury Road, Edmonton.

Many of those commenting on the petition warn “reckless” and “aggressive” drivers are putting youngsters’ safety at risk.

Parents of children attending The Latymer School, which is also in Haselbury Road, have also signed the petition.

The council scrapped school lollipop wardens from September this year to help save money in the face of an ongoing budget squeeze.

But campaigners say crossing patrols are “vital in ensuring road safety” – and their petition has attracted more than 700 signatures so far.

The campaigners say: “As a school community, it is clear that we are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our children in the surrounding roads of the school during the beginning and end of the school day.

“Whilst we urge all car users to be safe when collecting or dropping off their children, I’m sure you would agree that having a lollipop warden was vital in ensuring road safety for pedestrians.

“Our pupils have expressed their own concerns and are keen to exert their right to attend school in a safe way and feel that this should be supported by all adults.”

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “The council has invested heavily in recent years to improve road safety around schools, with the implementation of 20mph zones and zebra crossings, but a combination of significant spending cuts and an increase in pressure on services means the Council has to make difficult decisions on where it spends its budget.

“Only a few schools had a crossing patrol and, with the measures in place, children continue to be able to travel safely to and from these schools.

“Enfield Council and our schools are committed to doing what we can to promote healthy, active ways of getting to and from school, but the ultimate responsibility for ensuring children are safe while travelling to and from school is, and must remain, a parental one.”

The petition can be reached here.