A headteacher says trees were chopped down in her school’s grounds for safety reasons and has pledged to replace them.

Two trees that were felled at Hazelbury Primary School in Edmonton were at risk of falling down and damaging neighbouring properties, according to headteacher Laura Pearce.

She said four trees would be planted to replace the ones that were removed.

A councillor and a resident had raised concerns when the school announced last month that the trees would be taken down.

Kyriacos Pitsielis, who lives nearby, said he was “very upset” by the loss of the trees.

He said: “I could not believe it. I thought, 100-year-old pine trees – they are creating oxygen all year round. They are very good for the environment and atmosphere.”

Cllr George Savva, who represents Haselbury ward, said he “deplored” the school’s actions and claimed they would not have been allowed if the school was still under local authority control.

The primary school is now part of academy chain Enfield Learning Trust.

Cllr Savva said a council officer would visit the site to assess the remaining trees, which could be protected using tree preservation orders.

Hazelbury Primary School headteacher Laura Pearce said: “Following our annual tree survey it was found that two of the trees on site were at risk of collapsing and damaging neighbouring properties.

“We informed the affected neighbours that the trees would be removed for safety reasons.

“Enfield Learning Trust would never willingly remove a tree from our grounds that did not pose risk and in-line with our existing policy we will plant four trees to replace the two that we have regrettably lost.

“In addition, we are planting an edible garden which will provide an additional 15 trees on site.”