Police and Ambulances rushed following a false acid attack panic.

A 12-year-old girl, who was a passenger in a vehicle, was found suffering an irritation to her eye after an unknown substance was thrown onto her face on Wednesday (September 25).

Police were called by the London Ambulance Service at around 4:45 to Hertford Road, Enfield, after reports of a liquid being thrown into a vehicle.

Witnesses on a public Facebook group, Spotted Enfield, shared that she saw "a woman running into the shops in agony."

At the time of the incident, people panicked as they speculated this may have been an acid attack.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that the substance was non-corrosive. They said: "She was taken to a north London hospital with non-life changing and non-life threatening injuries.

"The substance was tested and from an initial assessment it was confirmed not to be a corrosive."

Speculation on Spotted Enfield now suggests that the substance may have been orange juice, but Metropolitan Police have explained they will not be discussing the nature of the substance.

No arrests were made but officers from the North Area Command Unit are continuing investigations.