An illegal driver deliberately hit a police officer and smashed into police cars while trying to avoid being arrested.

Met Police said they caught a 15-year-old driver driving a car dangerously on the A10 near Enfield yesterday (Tuesday, September 24) and stopped him in Cheshunt.

In order to avoid a pursuit of the car, the force said it had deployed Tactical Pursuit and Containment tactics by boxing him in. The tactics are used for managing and terminating police pursuits.

But as officers went to arrest the driver, police said the 15-year-old had “other ideas” and tried to smash his way out of the box to try and escape.

It left one officer with a leg injury after being “deliberately struck”, Met Police said.

Enfield Independent:

The damage caused to the police cars (credit Met Police)

The car was seized and three men were arrested.