A sunflower that is nearly the size of a double decker bus has been turning heads in Enfield.

The self-seeded monster “grew and grew like Jack’s Beanstalk” according to owner Pam Dyer, who said the sunflower stands at 11ft 2 inches and has over 30 heads in her front garden.

The 76-year-old, who lives in Bush Hill Park, Enfield, said she had no idea where the sunflower came from after is “just appeared by itself”.

“It must have magic seeds,” Mrs Dyer said. “It's now over 11 feet tall and I think it s now starting to grow a few more heads on it.

“Over the past few weeks I have looked out my window and just saw it getting taller and taller, where this monster has come from I don’t know.

“When people walk past this they are just surprised, I wonder if this is the biggest sunflower in Enfield?”

Do you think this is Enfield’s tallest sunflower? Have you grown a taller bloom? If so, send your photos to james.cowen@newsquest.co.uk.