An author is holding a signing for his debut book.

Jamie Morgan Kane, who lives in Enfield, will be holding a book signing at WH Smith in Enfield on Saturday, August 24.

Jamie’s book, 34 Years in Hell, was published in June. It tells the story of his birth on the Isle of Man, before he was sent away to Canada at six months old, illegally taken to America, sold to an American couple who gave him a false identity, serving in the US Navy and finally going to prison for a murder he did not commit.

Jamie spent 34 years in California prisons - including Folsom and San Quentin - and met Charles Manson, Edmund Kemper and Herbie Mullins as well as other infamous killers.

He was deported back to the UK in February 2018 with £5 in his pocket and told he could never return to the USA.

For more information on the signing call 020 8366 3633.