Councillors have failed to turn up to meetings aimed at tackling crime in part of Enfield for two years, according to the chairman of a community group.

The Lower Edmonton branch of Community Action Partnership in Enfield (CAPE) meets once a month to report criminal offences logged by residents and Neighbourhood Watch teams to the Metropolitan Police and the council.

But while police officers regularly attend meetings, chairman Jany Badoye said none of the local councillors had showed up for the past two years – possibly even longer.

The ward councillors for Lower Edmonton are Cllr Guney Donan, Cllr Sinan Boztas and Cllr Margaret Greer, all from the borough’s Labour Group.

This means Ms Badoye has to report all the offences that would normally be dealt with by the council herself using an online system.

Ms Badoye said: “Residents’ concerns are either directed to the police or to councillors.

“If it is to do with fly-tipping, then we have to direct it to the councillors, whereas if it is anti-social behaviour or drug-dealing, it goes to the police.

“When I took over the role of chairman, residents were saying ‘we have not had councillors attend the meetings for a very long time’.

“Some of them have never even met the councillors – they don’t know what they look like.”

Figures from the Met Police show there were 1,344 recorded crimes in Lower Edmonton in the year to June.

The most common offences were violence against the person and vehicle offences.

Ms Badoye said CAPE members had complained to the council about the situation but none of the councillors were found to have breached the code of conduct.

She said councillors had previously told CAPE members they did not attend because they feared for their safety after a former councillor was attacked.

She added: “Because there are no councillors to report the issues to, I am doing all the reporting online – but there is only so much I can do.

“It is not a legal obligation to attend, but now they have been elected it is important to share what they are doing.

“The residents are saying, ‘we vote for them, but what are they doing for the area?’ We don’t expect all three to attend – but at least one of them.”

Ms Badoye added that no councillor surgeries had been held in the area for around two years.

Instead, they are held in Edmonton Green Library – but that makes it difficult for some people, such as disabled residents, to attend.

All three ward councillors have been approached for comment.

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