Investors have been urged to buy properties near London football stadiums after prices outpaced the UK average.

Buyers are expected to see an average of a 450 percent increase in property prices for buildings near Premier League Stadiums, with nine out of the ten top areas being in London.

Research gathered by Pure Commercial Finance, a specialist commercial finance broker which helps property investors, indicates that the most valuable areas worth investing in are Premier League stadiums that have been recently regenerated or redeveloped.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium has made the value of the average home in the postal district rise from £59,638 in 1997 to £450,104 in 2017, with the average price around White Hart Lane being just under £460,000.

According to research in August 2018 from Proportunity, a company that loans money to first time house buyers, the most valuable London properties forecasted with price growth appears to be properties adjacent to a stadium:

1) West Ham

2) Fulham

3) Arsenal

4) Chelsea

5) Millwall

6) Tottenham Hotspur

7) Wimbledon

8) Brentford

9) Queen Park Rangers

10) Charlton Athletic

11) Crystal Palace

Ben Lloyd, managing director and co-founder of Pure Commercial Finance, said: “The statistics are compelling. It’s great to see that as a result of the development of new football grounds, it’s proven to not only stimulate local infrastructure investment, regenerate tired or unused areas of the cities, but to create an unprecedented rise in house prices in the immediate area of the redevelopment.”

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