A woman was robbed nearly £1,000 after becoming a victim of distraction theft.

Norma Mckinnon, an immobile 80-year-old from Enfield, became a victim of distraction theft, for the second time at the same location.

Both incidents took place at the Morrisons disabled carpark spot at Southbury Road, Enfield.

On July 3, Ms Mckinnon was returning to her car after shopping when she was approached by a man appearing to be in his mid-40s. He was said to have been carrying a sheet of paper and asking for directions to the hospital, which was used as a distraction which allowed an accomplice to reach into her bag and take her Visa card.

Ms Mckinnon said: “I didn’t realise it at first, later I was waiting for a payment to come in from my insurance, and then as I checked I noticed £470 was taken out of my account.”

Before freezing her card, two additional withdrawals of £320 and £300 were taken out at different locations.

Lloyds Bank have returned the money withdrawn from the account.

A similar incident occurred three years ago at the same carpark, where two women asked for directions as a distraction while attempting to steal Ms Mckinnon’s handbag. The pensioner noticed the attempted theft and only £10 cash was taken.

Ms Mckinnon added: “I do think people need to be made aware of this. Losing the money was bad, but it was the shock of it, the fact that people do these things.

“I’m frightened to go out now, my friend even had to go shopping for me!”

Concerns were shared by Ms Mckinnon and her son about the lack of CCTV facing the car park as it poses a risk to customers safety.

Police are currently investigating the recent incident and are looking for any distraction thefts operating in the area.