Enfield Council has been late finalising its accounts for the second year running – but it says this will have “no effect” on residents.

The Conservative Group raised concerns after the council’s group account, which includes companies that the council controls, was submitted late.

There were also some mistakes on a summary of the council’s incomings and outgoings, the comprehensive income and expenditure statement, which meant it had to be resubmitted.

The Conservatives said both issues had had an impact on the work of auditors brought in to check the soundness of the accounts.

Shadow cabinet member for finance Cllr Lee David-Sanders said: “I am concerned that the Labour council has not been able to complete its accounts on time, especially as it is for the second year in a row.

“If the income and expenditure statement was originally wrong, that is not good.

“The fact the council’s companies accounts were late is also alarming, especially as one company is losing money. The council needs to up its game on something as important as this.”

Councils across the country are having to work to earlier deadlines for the completion of their accounts.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “The filing of accounts is largely an administrative process and has no effect on residents or the services provided to them.

“Local authorities nationally have been working to a much tighter deadline of July 31 compared to September 30 in the past, and the council is reviewing its overall approach to ensure the deadline is met in the future.”

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