An Enfield man has said he was forced to watch his mum die in pain in hospital after she did not receive the care she was promised.

Josephine Bucknor, 78, was promised end-of-life care by North Middlesex University Hospital on the night of Friday, July 19 after she suffered fluid in her lungs and a heart failure.

The care ensures people with terminal conditions are given an infusion pump, which helps relieve pain.

But Mrs Bucknor’s son, Keith Bucknor, 55, said the care was never provided.

Mr Bucknor said: “To see my mum die with such pain and agony was awful. Seeing her die in the way she did was not human, it wasn’t right.

“The pump would have relieved and pain, but my mum died in agony.”

Mr Bucknor said after he rushed his mum to the hospital on the night of July 19, doctors told him she would not survive.

They recommended providing Mrs Bucknor end-of-life care, which he agreed to.

Mr Bucknor said: “After speaking with the rest of my family, we agreed that we did not want mum to suffer in pain.”

But Mr Bucknor said the pump was not provided, despite making several requests for it.

He said it was only brought to his mum after she had died on Saturday, July 20.

Deborah Wheeler, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust Director of Nursing, said: “We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Mrs Bucknor following her death.

“All of our staff are absolutely committed to providing excellent standards of care including end-of-life care.

“We review all deaths as a matter of routine to learn any lessons, and to ensure we’re continually improving.

“We are in direct contact with Mrs Bucknor’s son to discuss any concerns the family may have.”