Believers in 'spirit surgeons' may be risking their health as well as wasting their money, sceptics have warned.

New Zealander Jeanette Wilson will be bringing her ‘Psychic Surgery’ show to Enfield in August, promising that it may change the audience’s view of reality.

But “pro-science” sceptic group The Good Thinking Society have warned that people expecting serious medical conditions to be healed may be putting their health at risk.

Project director Michael Marshal said: “Patients who entrust their health to anyone who claims to use psychic energy to treat any illness or injury risk wasting their time, wasting their money, and potentially even exacerbating their conditions.

“Those patients could be convinced to believe that the solution to their health problems lies not in the advice of their doctors or any qualified medical professional, but in the healing powers Ms Wilson claims to have and the expensive products she sells.”

Ms Wilson, 56, denies offering to “cure” anyone, and says she helps explain causes of disease and how people can improve their wellbeing.

She said: “I would never encourage people to not go to a doctor. I would never do that. I am very responsible.

“I film healing 10 times a night, and people can see that it is real.”

The former bank manager claims that at the age of 31 she was spiritually awoken and given a gift from god. Ms Wilson said spiritual guides told her she was born to be a healer and teacher.

She said: “It started with me experiencing my dead grandfather in my chest. I then started seeing the spirit world and I thought I was going mad.

“I was having nervous breakdown, thinking what on earth is he doing in my chest. But I have ended up with this amazing gift.”

She added: “People are getting well at my events and more people come to my shows.”

Ms Wilson performed at the Dugdale centre earlier this month and is set to return on August 31.