The Miss Popularity 2019 queen hopes to overcome her insecurities by becoming this year’s Miss England.

Dilani Selvanathan, a 19-year-old from Finsbury Park, aims to beat the bullies who have tormented her in the past about her insecurities, by becoming Miss England 2019.

Ms Selvanathan constantly challenges herself by keeping busy – she’s a software engineering apprentice, attending university and working at a company with millions of users worldwide, while still working on her many hobbies.

Her defining reason for entering the competition was due to her insecurities and inspiring others to get through theirs. She said: “I have eczema which means that I have dry and dark skin in multiple areas and also have to stay away from the sun to prevent my skin from getting worse.

“I also have multiple scars and a massive burn mark on my body, and because of this I was bullied at school and it made me insecure about myself.”

Ms Selvanathan felt her self-esteem decrease after being bullied for the way she looked, her clothing, her race and her intelligence.

By the age of 13, the Miss Popularity queen became a young ambassador for BulliesOut, a charity which taught her to ignore bullies’ comments and gain confidence.

“Taking part in Miss England will give me the chance to overcome my fear and be confident about myself.”

Alongside wishing to become Miss England, Ms Selvanathan also wishes to continue raising money for Beauty with a Purpose – the Miss World organisation that donates to disadvantaged children over the world - and PAPYRUS – a charity dedicated to preventing young suicide.

The 2019 Miss England finals will conclude on August 1.