London has been revealed as the accident hotspot of the UK, as a new report revealed that 99% of the capital’s drivers are ‘unroadworthy’.

The figures were released by Halfords Autocentre, who were researching the causes of accidents and breakdowns across the UK – and what motorists can do to be safer on the roads.

It revealed that across the UK, 83% of Brits are ‘unroadworthy’ after being tested on their knowledge of the Highway code and asked basic road safety questions.

But in London alone, the figures also revealed that 63% of drivers did not know the legal drink driving limit in the UK, with 55% unaware of the impact a wet surface can have on a stopping distance.

It also found that 29% of drivers believe eating while driving is illegal, whilst 36% have not looked at the Highway Code since they passed their test.

Out of five regions across the UK, London was also found to be the most at risk of accidents.

London Road Safety Council spokesman Mark Bunting said the data was a real concern and that work is under way to tackle the capital's issue.

Boroughs in London are currently working in partnership with Transport for London and police forces on a venture called 'Vision Zero for London'.

It aims to eradicate death and serious injury from the capital's roads by the year 2041.

Mr Brunton said: "But we can't hope to achieve this ambition without buy-in from London's road users. We all have a duty to share the roads and look out for each other.

"This includes taking the time to make sure we are up-to-date with the rules of the road and understand how we can play our part. It is vitally important that, no matter how we use London's road network, we all remain 'roadworthy'.”

Aaron Edwards, category manager at Halfords Autocentre, added that report wanted to “highlight” the issues that drivers are facing on UK roads and widen their knowledge on how to stay safe.

He said: “The Roadworthiness Quiz wasn’t created to catch motorists out, rather to remind them of typical road safety rules so many of us don’t familiarise ourselves with again after passing our tests.

“The results support the idea that we must keep up to date with the latest motoring laws, remain aware on the roads, and maintain our vehicle’s properly. Let’s tackle this issue of not feeling safe on our roads once and for all.”