To coincide with the 150 year anniversary of Finsbury Park, Furtherfield Gallery present a summer-long exhibition of time travel.

The show, Time Portals, is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. It is closed on 29/30 June and 6/7 July.

Works on display include Elsa James’ Circle of Blackness: Part 1 - Meet Ann E. Styles. Circle of Blackness is a hologram (co-produced by the same team who create holograms for Beyonce and Lady Gaga) telling the story of a Finsbury Park woman from 150 years ago. Ann E. Styles arrived in the borough as servant to a wealthy white family and worked locally all her life. Artist Elsa James has embodied her story and in a soon-to-be-launched part II, will project her story 150 years into the future via the Afrofuturist character Eve.

What We Can Do by Antonio Roberts it is an AR vision of the future of Finsbury Park that features a quote from legendary black science-fiction writer Octavia Butler. Traditionally a site of protest and political unrest, Finsbury Park has a history of supporting people who ‘simply refuse to give up’. The work encourages people to persist in constantly reimagining the future of the park.

Furtherfield Gallery, The McKenzie Pavilion, Finsbury Park. Details: