Mariah May, from Enfield, began wrestling just last year in January.

Flash forward 18 months later, she's training for the try-outs at WWE, the largest wrestling company in the world.

The professional wrestler is hoping to become a superstar and has upped her strength and conditioning in the gym to achieve WWE’s athletic requirements.

In response to her reaching the try-outs, Ms May said: “These past few days have just been surreal. To be in that performance centre and just having a chance to show the WWE what I have to offer is absolutely massive and I’m just so excited for whatever’s next.

"I’ve been watching wrestling ever since I was young and to now been given this opportunity in what has to be the most exciting period in professional wrestling ever, I just can’t wait to take my next step.”

Enfield Independent:

Photo: Rob Brazier, The Head Drop / Progress Wrestling

The WWE try-out pits allows trainees to test their strength and stamina through many fitness and endurance tests, even allowing a chance to speak to a crowd through a microphone.

Having experienced a successful WWE UK try-out himself, Hustle Head Trainer and NXT UK’s assistant general manager Sid Scala said: “Seeing one of the Hustle trainees go out and take a step closer to their dream is so motivating.

"It not only motivates me to help these trainees become the best wrestlers they can be, but it shows them what they need to do to get there.

"Mariah embodies exactly what Hustle teaches all of its trainees and that is hard work, passion and desire to succeed. We are all so proud of her.”

The Hustle Wrestling training centre runs shows for trainees to build towards, with the next one on July 27 at Edmonton County School.