A magician who was part of a boy group who reached the Britain's Got Talent final has described how his passion for magic began from childhood.

Josh Hennes, 17, from Cockfosters, Enfield, entered the TV competition with his friends and formed a group called 4MG.

Josh began his journey into magic when he was ten years old after taking up several hobbies at school only to find magic was the one that really stuck.

He said: “In school there were a load of different hobbies everyone liked yo-yo, origami, juggling, sports and somehow magic came along.

“All of us mingled with magic but I took it a little bit seriously, like ten times more than the other kids.

“Then a couple of months later I was at my sister’s friend’s house and they taught me a magic trick and I absolutely loved it and continued to pursue it.”

When he was 11 years old, he joined the young magic circle and later began to mentor the younger children there who were trying to get into magic.

Enfield Independent:

Josh said: “I really had a vision for my magic, straight away I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I was the youngest one at the circle.”

The other members of 4MG are James Samuel, Harry Nardi and Theo Mallalieu.

Josh added: “What I love about magic is the way it makes people happy. You don’t just get to impress people you get to see their personalities and how they react.

“You can get an applause, or a standing ovation or people could run away 100 metres in shock.

“We entered the competition because we wanted to see if we could impress all the judges, we had a proper vision to do well and we had been practising for eight months before. We all took it very seriously.”

4MG went through many challenging rounds to reach the Britain's Got Talent final, which aired on June 2. They put in many hours outside of school with occasional authorised days off to train.

“To get to final was beyond belief, we were so happy, and no one was going to beat Chelsea Pensioner but we were happy to put on a good show for everyone," Josh said.

“All the tricks we do are pretty complex and if someone did one thing wrong then it could all fall apart because we’re a team we trust each other and support each other in every way.

“It was tiring some days having to get up at five in the morning and spend the whole day until 12 at night doing interviews with the press and stuff for TV but it was all such an incredible experience.”

Josh hopes to go far with his magic career and 4MG aiming to organise a magic tour show around the country in the future.