A mum has warned that her disabled child is being put at risk because Enfield Council has not provided him with an adapted shower.

Nicola Ferrett, who lives in a council flat in Southgate, says she has been asking for a specially adapted shower for her two-year-old son Mason since he was born.

She is worried that Mason – who has a condition known as hydrocephalus – could be injured if she carries on using a normal shower.

Mason’s condition means he has a special tube called a shunt in the back of his head to drain fluid from the brain.

Ms Ferrett said: “I am having to shower him on a rock-hard floor in a cubicle. If he bangs his head, he will be ill.

“He is two years old. You can’t fit him in a baby bath.

“I am using a baby bath mat – but it just isn’t appropriate for a disabled child.

“My back is in pieces having to lift him in and out of the cubicle.”

Ms Ferrett wants the council to put in a special chair for Mason to help her to shower him.

But she said: “The council are not doing anything. It was two years ago when I first rang up.

“They told me to go through adult social care, but I have got no response.”

Ms Ferrett added that the council had advised her to go through the housing assessment team to apply for a ground-floor flat that would be easier for her to access.

She said she had been offered a flat with housing provider Optivio but turned it down as they did not offer secure tenancies.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “Our primary concern in this case is to ensure that Mason and his family get the care and support they need, and we are working towards providing suitable bathroom equipment for him.

“We expect to find a solution that works for the whole family in near future.

“In the meantime, we would like to thank Ms Ferrett for her patience, during what we understand has been a frustrating period for her and her family.”