A councillor has been kicked out of the Labour Party over her alleged backing for new pro-EU party ChangeUK.

Cllr Barbara Blake, who represents Seven Sisters in Haringey, was expelled from Labour after retweeting Twitter posts made by ChangeUK MPs and European parliamentary candidates.

Cllr Blake was found to have broken Labour Party rules, which prevent members from endorsing other political organisations.

She will now serve as an independent councillor.

The incident comes amid campaigning for elections to the European Parliament, which will be held on May 23.

ChangeUK –The Independent Group was formed by breakaway Labour and Conservative MPs to campaign on a centrist, pro-EU platform.

Nick Rogers, chair of Tottenham Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and Celia Dignan, chair of Horney and Wood Green CLP, issued a statement accusing Cllr Blake of betraying Labour members.

It states: “Cllr Barbara Blake had repeatedly expressed her support on Twitter for Change UK, a party set up to undermine Labour.

“Most recently, Cllr Barbara Blake had retweeted in support of Change UK’s EU election campaign at a time when members of our two Constituency Labour Parties were engaged in daily campaign sessions.

“Cllr Blake has seriously let down Labour members across Haringey who freely give of their time as volunteers to campaign for Labour in local, national, London and European elections, helping to elect representatives like Cllr Blake.

“Rather than joining the members in promoting the party and its policies in our local community, Cllr Blake betrayed those members. It is right that she has been removed from the party.”

Cllr Blake’s Twitter page includes retweets from ChangeUK MEP candidate Nora Mulready and from the party’s MPs, including former Conservatives Heidi Allen and Nick Boles.

The incident highlights the ongoing tensions within the Labour Party between pro-EU and pro-Brexit factions.

At the last general election, Labour ran on a manifesto that pledged to honour the vote to leave the EU at the 2016 referendum.

The party is opposed to the EU withdrawal deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May and has pledged to deliver a “jobs-first Brexit” if it wins power.

But many Labour members and supporters think leaving the EU will be bad for the economy and support a second referendum.

The party’s official position is to back another public vote only if it cannot secure either changes to the current deal or a general election.

ChangeUK includes eight former Labour MPs who left the party due to dissatisfaction with the leadership over its Brexit stance and a range of other issues.

The party unequivocally backs holding a second EU referendum.

Cllr Blake has been approached for comment.