Enfield’s new mayor has pledged to break her charity fundraising record after being sworn in for her second term.

Cllr Kate Anolue – known affectionately as “Auntie Kate” in her local community – spoke passionately about the importance of education and gender equality after being elected at the annual council meeting on Wednesday (May 8).

Cllr Anolue, who worked as a midwife for the NHS, said she had spent the “most quality years” of her life in Enfield after moving to the borough from her home town in Nanka, Nigeria, more than 40 years ago.

She said: “I am proud and honoured to stand here as elected mayor of this great, vibrant and diverse borough of ours.

“My fellow councillors have placed a great privilege and responsibility upon me, and I want to express my sincere appreciation of you all for putting your trust in me.”

Cllr Anolue paid tribute to her father, saying: “My father, even in those early days, thought that gender equality was very important. He said, ‘I am going to send her to school’.

“I come from a very small town of just over 40,000 people – but very highly skilled, and people who really believe in education.

“This is why I am here.”

The mayor told the meeting how she had raised four children while working full time following the death of her husband.

She later graduated with a law degree from the University of North London and used her legal training in her role as a trade union representative.

Cllr Anolue added: “I appreciate it so much that I can go to England and do what I can. But I also think about home, and encouraging people, and making sure we do not leave women behind.

“When we educate, we uplift. When we educate one woman, we educate the nation.”

The borough’s first young mayor and deputy mayor were sworn in at the meeting – an idea that Cllr Anolue came up with while she was travelling.

Cllr Anolue said: “I urge my fellow councillors, left and right, let us do the right thing and look forward, so we can make Enfield a better place.”

Her charity work will be focused on tackling sickle cell anaemia, cancer and dementia, as well as other causes.

She said: “Last time during my mayoral year I raised £44,000 in one year. No one has beaten that. I want to beat my own record.”

Cllr Sabri Ozaydin, who represents Turkey Street ward, was sworn in as deputy mayor, and tributes were paid to outgoing mayor Cllr Saray Karakus.