Jennette Arnold has been named as the new chairman of the London Assembly.

Ms Arnold, who is part of the London Assembly Labour Group, acted as the deputy chairman to the Assembly over the past year with Tony Arbour as the chairman.

Conservative Assembly Member Tony Arbour will now act as deputy chairman.

Ms Arnold told colleagues: “You can absolutely rely on my unflinching support.”

She also told Mr Arbour it had been a “joy” to work with him and thanked him for his “immeasurable work” as the chairman over the last year.

Ms Arnold said: “In this new year, we remain focused on our key roles of holding the Mayor to account and investigating issues and matters of importance to the people of London.

“It will be a busy year, as we lead up to the election in 2020 and deal with the changes ahead which will not only affect London – but the whole country. As always, we will ensure that the voice of Londoners in heard loudly and clearly.”

Ms Arnold and Mr Arbour will also both be stepping down from their roles at London Assembly next year.