A local poet has published a book of poems inspired by everyday life.

Herbie Dunnan’s Poems, Lyrics and Thoughts features a series of short poems that could be adapted as song lyrics.

Herbie was born in Jamaica and moved to England at the age of eight. At seventeen he fell in love and eventually became a father to a little girl, but the relationship didn’t last and, through anger, frustration and fear of the future, Herbie started writing. In putting his thoughts to paper, he found a kind of therapy.

Poems such as A Father’s Lament for His Child, Redundant and Tottenham Riot will resurrect thoughts and feelings in readers. Other poems, such as The NHS, Night Life in Soho and Man and Machine are more from an observational point of view.

Herbie is inspired by “anything and everything”, and was encouraged by family and friends to get his work published. His hope is that his writing will bring “comfort and laughter” to readers.

Poems, Lyrics and Thoughts by Herbie Dunnan is available now.