In a bid to save squirrels from being targeted as a pest one woman has made it her job to protect her furry little grey friends.

UK legislation as of October 2019 will make it illegal to rescue and help an injured or orphaned grey squirrel, along with other animals on the so-called 'Invasive Alien Species' list.

Poly Victoros from Enfield Town strongly objects to this and has been imploring people to sign a petition to overturn this ruling.

The Violin tutor says that if rescue centres are not allowed to release the animals back into the wild, then, due to the legislation grey squirrels will either be turned away or put down.

“Grey squirrels are loved by so many people in London parks, especially by children. However, there is much negative press surrounding grey squirrels, namely by so-called conservationists in support of the 'native' red squirrel.

“Programmes to cull grey squirrels en masse are inhumane and unnecessary; squirrels are trapped, put into a sack, and then bludgeoned to death with a blow to the head; how is that humane?

“It is disgusting, killing grey squirrels because they are an 'invasive alien species' is tantamount to the ethnic cleansing of animals.

“It is unacceptable in humans, and it is intolerable in animals.

“At the end of the day, we humans brought grey squirrels to the UK from America - we are responsible, it's not their fault.”

Ms Victoros first started to look out for the welfare of her local squirrels in Enfield after visiting Bournemouth with her boyfriend last year and seeing an elderly woman feeding the squirrels.

Realising they were a lot more friendly and approachable than expected she soon became fascinated by the little creatures.

While also suffering from severe depression over the last few years, Poly swears that her friendship with the animals has given her peace of mind and helped her overcome her depression.

She added: “They have wonderful personalities, are friendly and have genuinely given me much happiness.

“I have hundreds of beautiful photos of squirrels.”

Petition: Make grey squirrel rescue exempt from Invasive Alien Species Order 2019