Cars and coaches trying to beat gridlock on a busy cul-de-sac are putting children’s safety at risk, a resident has claimed.

Margaret Canham, who lives in Autumn Close, Enfield, warned youngsters could be killed or injured by vehicles driving along the pavements on her street – and said there had already been several near-misses.

The street, near the junction of the A10 and Carterhatch Lane, is home to two schools – Russett House School and Carterhatch Infant School – and cars and coaches use the road to pick up and drop off children at opening and closing times.

But Autumn Close can only be accessed from Carterhatch Lane, and there is not enough room for cars to pass each other when vehicles are parked at the side of the road.

Ms Canham said: “Because the street is narrow, if you park each side of the road, a car can’t get through the middle.

“There is so much traffic that the bus and cars can’t pass each other at the same time, and they are driving along the pavement.

“This is with children walking along this pavement. It is very dangerous.”

Double yellow lines are painted on one side of the street, but she said cars sometimes park there regardless.

Ms Canham, who is 73, said she had recently missed a hospital appointment because a car had been blocking her driveway.

But she said drivers would often become angry and abusive if they were confronted by residents.

Ms Canham claimed the traffic problems had got worse since two blocks of flats were built at the end of the street.

Enfield Independent:

She added that the council had taken steps to tackle the problem but had not gone far enough.

She said: “They put in signs restricting access. It must have cost them hundreds of pounds.

Enfield Independent:

“But when you say, ‘can you not get someone to police these’, they say, ‘no, they are only advisory’.

“They don’t have anyone standing there and catching people. That might deter them.”

Ms Canham said she and many of her neighbours had called for a permit scheme that would stop non-residents from parking on the street at the busiest times.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the problems with regards parking during school rush hour in Autumn Close and we are seeking a permanent solution to the issues described.

“We have installed signage in an attempt to encourage drivers to park more responsibly, have worked with the schools and do deploy parking attendants in the street to deal with unlawful parking.

“But it is disappointing when drivers choose to park inconsiderately and inconvenience residents in the street.”