A board game manufacturer has announced plans to replace an increasingly unfashionable character with a remodelled alternative.

Mr Potato Head is to be discontinued and replaced by avocado-based Mr Avo Head.

Studies show that carb-heavy potatoes are no longer a-peel-ing, unlike and due to popular demand from millennials, the new vegan-friendly character has made his debut today checking out London’s hottest brunch spots (you probably haven’t heard of them).

It’s no guaccident that the avocado was chosen to replace the carby potato. With veganism going viral, as part of a healthier lifestyle, the avocado has become one of the most highly demanded fruits in the world, with over 650 million kilos worth sold across the UK and Europe.

And as more millennials ditch the carbs and live by ‘fats are friends, not foes’, the much-loved Mr Potato Head gets moved aside for now.

The healthy, hipster Mr Avo Head, will sport a man bun and well-groomed beard, trendy sneakers, skinny jeans and will be listening to all the latest beats (which you won’t have heard yet) on his oversized headphones – all removable and interchangeable of course.

Mr Avo Head is suitable for millennials of all ages and will be launched at a date TBC.

A price has not been set but should be within the budget of anyone who has the sourdough.