Enfield has the highest number of people claiming housing benefits out of all 32 London boroughs.

This information came to light in a new report by the Smith Institute about poverty in outer London, which also revealed eight per cent of all housing benefit claims are made in Enfield – higher than any other London borough.

It was followed by Brent and Barnet, which both made up 7 per cent on London’s housing benefit claims.

The report also noted Enfield has the third highest number of people that are low paid out of all London boroughs, with 18 per cent of people falling into the category.

A spokesperson for Enfield Council said: “Enfield is a place of great opportunity and the Council has geared up to take as much direct control as possible to secure a future where all existing residents can prosper.

“There is no doubt that Enfield has high levels of poverty – especially in the Eastern part of the Borough and with a high proportion of residents living in the private rented sector.

“In common with many other parts of the country we have a shortage of affordable housing, but we are committed to tackling that issue and our Good Growth Housing Strategy is putting the development of a wider range of affordable housing products for existing residents at the centre of our plans.”

The spokesperson added that the council will continue working with the Mayor of London in order to complete affordable housing projects such as Meridian Water.

Across outer London 1.4 million people are living in poverty and between 2011 and 2018 the number of people claiming housing benefit in the area increased by 17 per cent.

That figure fell by 13 per cent in central London.

The report also found low pay is more common in outer London boroughs and unemployment is greater in outer rather than inner London – 159,000 versus 105,000.