This is not your ordinary science show.

Ministry of Science Live 2019 comes jam packed with fun, laughter and plenty of amazing science and history which includes a fully operational hovercraft, massive cannons with lots of bangs, a journey through the different stages of the scientific method whilst trying to capture a shadow and look out for Darth Vader playing with plasma!

Investigating the inventors and engineers who have shaped the modern world we live in, the audience experience everything from liquid nitrogen flowers to hydrogen bottle rockets, cat food tins to hovercraft and methane to the invention of the battery. Expect loud explosions and more!

Ministry of Science Live is a fully engaging interactive experience that explores energy and engineering using brilliantly designed demonstrations and historical references as a narrative. Combining stimulating live entertainment with the world of education the show’s primary aim is to inspire and educate young people through the medium of live theatre.

Launched in 2014, Ministry of Science has become a firm favourite with audiences around the world. The show follows the UK curriculum whilst proving that Science and Engineering is fun for all that attend.

The show is written by Mark Thompson, who has developed engaging educational programmes and live shows around the world working with organisations such as British Council, Eden Project, Mishkat Center for Renewable Energy and Abu Dhabi Festival.

Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, Edmonton, N18 1PJ, Tuesday, March 19, 1pm and 6.30pm. Details: 020 8807 6680