A tower block’s lifts broke down and left a disabled woman stranded for hours – after Enfield Council said it had fixed the elevators.

Sibel Yildirim, who lives in Bliss House, in Forty Hill, said the woman was waiting on her scooter in the lobby for more than six hours last Monday (January 21) because the faulty lifts broke down again.

The council said engineers had fitted a new part to one of the lifts in the Holbrook Close flats on January 15 and it was back up and running.

But Ms Yildirim said it was still breaking down regularly, while another lift that served the odd numbered floors had been out of action since November.

She said: “When I came home at 6.30pm on Monday, a lady on a mobility scooter had been stuck down in the lobby from 3pm and was there until 9.15pm. They didn’t come out for a good five hours.

“There was a man on the stairs who was out of breath – it is not just affecting people with disabilities.

“They come and reset it and then go, and then that is ‘fixed’.

“It breaks down three or four times a day. It will be working fine, then five minutes later it is broken. You could even get stuck in there.

“Some residents have said the engineers need to get parts from America because they are not sold in the UK anymore.

“They need to do a permanent thing, and the only thing is to update them to new lifts.”

A spokesperson for Enfield Council said Bliss House will have its lifts “completely renovated” in the 2019-20 financial year as part of its £40 million Major Works Programme.

They added: “Other works scheduled include the installation of external insulation, rendering and the replacement of pipework. Security features will be checked and, where necessary, repaired.

“We will continue to make sure the block is safe, secure and emergency repairs are undertaken in a timely manner.

“Lift breakdowns are always treated as an emergency, and we aim to fix them as quickly as possible.

“In most cases, we are able to repair malfunctioning lifts expediently, but in this particular case, some work has had to be undertaken off-site.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused some residents and we would like to reassure them that we are here to help, particularly those who are in need of extra assistance.

“Enfield Council is committed to providing good-quality homes in thriving, well-connected neighbourhoods and we look forward to working closely with our residents to achieving those goals.”