With the clock ticking until March 29 - the date when the country official leaves the EU - no deal has been agreed and the UK's future is on the line.

Theresa May's deal was resoundingly defeated in the House of Commons and is, with the 27 other member countries extremely unlikely to make any kind of concessions, dead in the water.

Given the economic disaster that would follow the UK crashing out of the EU with no deal, there is one way and one way only out of this mess - to put the country's future to the will of the people.

Below are ten reasons why MPs David Lammy and Catherine West should push for a People's Vote.

  1. Now we know what we’re voting for we should have a final say
  2. We were misled: the Leave campaign’s claims, such as the £350 million a week for the NHS, have been exposed
  3. The original vote was tainted by racism and resentment of immigration
  4. Shadowy organisations – and possibly Russian-backed actors - misused social media to persuade people
  5. If Britain leaves it would still have to trade with the EU on its terms – this way we’d at least have a say on the rules
  6. It’s the only way of guaranteeing continued peace in Northern Ireland
  7. The NHS relies on EU workers. Without free movement it would be massively understaffed
  8. Young people voted overwhelmingly to Remain, but they will have to live with the consequences of Brexit
  9. It’s not just holidays – Brexit would make working in the EU a lot harder for UK citizens
  10. The EU has been at the heart of the longest period of peace on mainland Europe since 27BC

What do you think?