The number of Haringey’s parks that have recently been given bad ratings by inspectors has risen to nine following the release of more reports.

Chestnuts Park and Paignton Park have been added to the list of green spaces given the lowest rating by charity Keep Britain Tidy after inspectors found fly-tipping, graffiti and damaged play equipment.

They join seven other parks to have been rated red in the past three months, meaning inspectors had “major concerns” about the state of the green spaces.

Trip hazards in the play area, missing play equipment, fly-tipping and entrance signs covered in graffiti were among the problems identified during a mystery shopper visit to Paignton Park on November 7.

The inspector found that benches in the play area were in a “dangerous condition” and called for them to be removed as soon as possible.

There was also evidence of dog fouling, while the condition of the plants and bushes was judged to be “very poor”.

An inspector called for an increase in general maintenance standards after finding graffiti and litter during a visit to Chestnuts Park on November 8.

They added that some play equipment needed replacing and footpaths were in need of repair.

The inspections were carried out under Keep Britain Tidy’s green flag award scheme, which is designed to recognise well managed parks and green spaces.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Woodside Park, Priory Park, Bruce Castle Park, Markfield Park and Albert Recreation Ground had all been given red ratings by Keep Britain Tidy – but the council is challenging the judgements.

In November, Finsbury Park and Downhill Park were temporarily stripped of their green flags – but they are now back up after Haringey Council took action to address the concerns.

The council says it has not been asked to take the green flags down at Paignton Park and Chestnuts Park, and it will submit an action plan to address the issues raised in the reports.

It has also carried out a “comprehensive” list of improvements following Keep Britain Tidy’s recommendations and is working in partnership with friends groups to continue the work.

Cllr Kirsten Hearn, cabinet member for environment, said: “Haringey’s parks – like most busy London parks – get thousands of visitors every month and we have a full and thorough clean-up programme.

“We value the Green Flag scheme and have made a number of improvements in the parks following the Keep Britain Tidy reports.

“There are, however, a number of points we do not agree with in the assessment of some of our parks and we are asking them to look at these again.

“We are proud of Haringey’s green spaces and we will continue to work to keep them in the best possible condition – this will include carrying out regular inspections in partnership with the friends groups in future.”