Enfield’s council leader has said it is “time to move forward” after a motion of no confidence in her was not carried.

The motion, which was tabled by members of Enfield Southgate Constituency Labour Party (CLP), called on council leader Councillor Nesil Caliskan to resign over her decision to suspend cabinet member for public health Cllr Yasemin Brett.

Cllr Brett faced disciplinary action after breaking ranks with her colleagues over a cabinet report.

But the no-confidence motion was not carried, while an amended motion calling for ongoing dialogue to resolve disagreements was approved at the CLP meeting yesterday (Thursday, November 29).

The council leader confirmed Cllr Brett had been reinstated as cabinet member for public health following the two-week suspension.

Cllr Caliskan said: “I welcome the fact Enfield Southgate Constituency Labour members did not carry the motion of no confidence. Now this is a time to move forward.

“This is the toughest of times for our communities because of Conservative government cuts.

“I will continue to be 100 per cent focused as council leader, working with all councillors, to address the real issues facing local people.

“These include tackling poverty and deprivation in our borough, the rising levels of violent crime, especially youth violence, the lack of decent and affordable homes, chronic underfunding for our health services and budget cuts to our schools.

“These are issues that are having a real negative impact on the lives of Enfield residents.”

The amended motion that was carried by the CLP called for the clarification of the rules by which councillors can withdraw from cabinet discussions on the grounds of non-pecuniary interest.

It also noted an investigation into the selection process for councillors that took place in May was taking place and called for “internal disagreements to be resolved through ongoing dialogue rather than mutual public recrimination”.