Councillors have given the nod to a plan that could see a new waste plant built in the borough.

The North London Waste Plan (NLWP) – a joint waste management project between seven north London boroughs – earmarks Eley’s industrial estate in Edmonton as a possible site for a new facility.

It is one of ten areas identified as possible locations for a waste plant, with others located in Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest.

The council stopped working on the plan in 2016 – when Enfield was deemed to have the largest amount of suitable land for a new plant – due to concerns it could interfere with infrastructure and regeneration projects.

But the borough’s share of suitable land has since been slashed from around 200 to just 26 hectares, and the council has decided to resume cooperating with other boroughs on the NLWP.

Cllr Ahmet Oykener, cabinet member for property and assets, said it was in Enfield’s interests to continue working on the scheme.

He said: “There are dangers in not agreeing a way forward because, specifically from Enfield’s perspective, we had around 200 hectares of searchable land.

“But through our negotiations with other authorities, we managed to bring this down to 26 hectares.

“It is a plan I will support because it does protect our future growth plans, for instance regeneration.

“Without having this plan, we are open to risk in our regeneration areas, such as Meridian Water.

“If we do not have a plan, it is possible that permission could be granted (by central government) to a waste facility in that corridor.

“That is not beneficial for the council’s interest.”

The NLWP is aimed at cutting the amount of waste sent to landfill as much as possible by providing new recycling and recovery facilities.

This will reduce the London boroughs’ reliance on sending waste to other parts of the country.

Cllr Daniel Anderson raised transportation and environmental concerns at three sites bordering Enfield – Pinkham Way, Oakleigh Road and Brunswick Park – that have also been identified as possible sites for a waste facility.

Cllr Oykener explained there was no “win-win in every case”.

He said those issues would have to be addressed during a consultation on the NLWP and by a planning committee.

Councillors endorsed the NLWP and recommended it for approval at a full council meeting on November 21.

A consultation on the plan is due to start in January next year, and it is not expected to be adopted until 2020.