An MP has attacked the Tory Budget saying it offers no ‘hope to the people’.

Member of Parliament for Enfield North, Joan Ryan has slammed the Conservative Government’s 2018 Budget for what she says is its failure to address eight years of "devastating" cuts to Enfield.

Joan Ryan MP said: “The people of Enfield are sick and tired of austerity and we have no confidence that the Government’s programme of cuts is coming to an end.”

Ms Ryan says that since the Tories came to power in 2010, £1 billion has been stripped from the Met Police budget resulting in a surge in crime.

She said: “The economy is not working for everyone, as Mr Hammond claims.

“The Government’s abject failure to address the housing crisis means families are struggling to cope with soaring rents and a lack of affordable homes.

“This is a woeful record - the Chancellor should hang his head in shame.

“The Tory Budget offers no hope to the people of Enfield.”

Enfield Council’s conservative opposition leader Joanne Laban has defended the budget.

She said: “The budget will help hard working families by cutting income tax.

“When it comes to housing, it is the Labour run Enfield Council that needs to improve.

“All in all the budget is one that rewards hardworking families.”