The Conservative Party has suspended a councillor who was accused of making racist comments at an Enfield Council meeting last week.

Cllr William Coleshill, who represents the Bush Hill Park ward, has had his Conservative Party membership and the whip suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

The disciplinary action was taken within 24 hours of the council meeting, which was held on Thursday evening (September 20).

Cllr Coleshill’s comments, which were directed at Labour councillor Susan Erbil, caused uproar in the council chamber.

Responding to a motion opposing education funding cuts put forward by Cllr Erbil, Cllr Coleshill blamed “mass migration” for putting pressure on UK schools.

He then said: “When the Erbil family entered this country, did they bring a classroom with them?”

The comments were met with cries of “racist”, “shame” and “resign”, and several councillors – including council leader Cllr Nesil Caliskan – called for the Conservative councillor to be suspended or for him to resign from the council.

Mayor of Enfield Saray Karakus called a ten-minute break in proceedings and Cllr Coleshill was not present when the meeting readjourned.