A bid to deselect Enfield North MP Joan Ryan amid an ongoing Labour antisemitism row looks set to fail.

Members of the local Labour Party put forward a motion of no confidence in the MP – who has been an outspoken critic of alleged left-wing antisemitism – for discussion at a meeting on Thursday (September 6).

But the motion has been ruled out of order by the chair of Enfield North Constituency Labour Party, which means it is contrary to Labour Party rules and will not be taken at the meeting.

The motion, which appeared on left-wing blog The Skwawkbox, accuses Ms Ryan of publicly undermining the Labour Party on numerous occasions.

It claims she tweeted allegations of antisemitism against the Labour Party and made false accusations of antisemitism against fellow party member Jean Fitzpatrick.

The motion calls for the removal of the party whip and an open selection process for the next parliamentary candidate.

It states: “Our MP has on numerous occasions contributed to and written articles that have been seized upon by a press unjustly hostile to Jeremy Corbyn.

“By doing so our MP has smeared his character without him having the right to a fair and balanced defence, and she has fuelled and indeed inflamed trial by media.”

A local Labour Party member said the motion came amid “growing discontent” with Ms Ryan amid a “really wide cross-section of the party membership”.

But Ms Ryan, who chairs Labour Friends of Israel, said the “divisive” motion was “tabled by a small, unrepresentative minority of members”.

She said: “I joined this Party 34 years ago to fight racism. Antisemitism is racism. Nothing will stop me standing up and speaking out. It is my duty to do so.

“We should have spent this summer highlighting the Tories’ multiple failures and failings. Instead, it has been dominated by shocking stories about antisemitism in our ranks.”

The Enfield North MP said she was ashamed of the response of the party and leadership to the antisemitism allegations and urged it to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Association definition of antisemitism.

Ms Ryan added: “I am urging Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for the pain and anguish he has caused the Jewish community for comments he has made and the company he has kept.”

She said the motion was a distraction from the challenges faced by local people and pledged to continue tackling antisemitism.